Our Mission

Academic medicine is a hugely rewarding career, typically combining tertiary centre ‘cutting-edge’ clinical practice, with lecturing and research. It requires original thought and innovation to seek new knowledge, and brings with it a unique degree of flexibility, autonomy and intellectual stimulation. Many of the traditional concerns and apprehensions for academic training, such as lack of job security, have been reversed with the new integrated academic training (IAT), and indeed with current ‘run-through’ programmes, academics benefit from greater job security than purely clinical trainees. This has resulted in fierce competition for IAT posts, the first of which is the Academic Foundation Programme. 

We at Academic Frontiers are acutely aware of the inaccurate advice, which so often circulates the medical ‘ether’. These rumours on careers and recruitment are often sourced from uninformed individuals, but are often sadly accepted by many as the truth. Whilst senior advice is always important, the most valuable recommendations require first hand, up-to-date, successful experience of the process. Whilst recruitment to academic posts has remained fairly traditional (with criteria inclusive of academic achievement, commitment to specialty/academia, contribution to teaching and education, involvement in audit and demonstration of leadership and managerial skills), optimising achievements, formatting and demonstrating an insight into the application process are all essential to improve the chance of being short-listed.

Through lectures, interview workshops and trouble-shooting, with a focus on hands-on practical advice, we will guide and prepare candidates through every stage of the application process, giving them the best chance of success.