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Successfully Apply to the Academic Foundation Programme

Academic Foundation Programme, 2013 Entry
Sunday 23rd September 2012 at The University of London,
Malet Street, London WC1E 7HY.

Outcomes Analysis - 88% offer rate!

34 responded to the follow-up questionnaire between 02/03/2013 and 21/02/2013.

32 students applied to the AFP (of the two that did not, one was a fourth year student and the other chose not to apply)

28 (88%) were offered an AFP post

Event Analysis

82 medical students attended the event. 82 (100%) responded to the questionnaire between 24/09/2012 and 01/02/2013.

15 medical schools were represented, from Newcastle down to Brighton with an approximately equal split male:female.

78 (95%) said that the day was useful (2 were neutral and 2 disagreed).

76 (93%) found the day interesting (5 were neutral and 1 disagreed).

73 (89%) said they'd recommend the day to a friend (8 were neutral and 1 disagreed).

Other feedback included that the venue was not as good as it could have been and that time could have been better allocated to white-space questions. The team will take that useful feedback on board to inform next year's event.



The day will start at 9am with a selection of presentations and workshops culminating in interview practice and time for questions. Specific sessions will include:

>>> A general perspective on academic training for clinical medical students.

>>> A crash-course to the NHS and the health policy landscape - essential for understanding your training and the NHS.

>>> Specific advice on how to write your application and answer questions during your academic interview.

>>> Mock interview questions and previous clinical scenarios.

>>> An opportunity to dispel common myths about academic training and fellowships, as well as time for questions.


The booking for this event is now closed.